Join the Team

Do you have a passion for the Bible and want to share it with the world (or at least your friends and family)? Join the OOC Apparel team by becoming a brand ambassador! On this page, you can learn more about who should become a brand ambassador, and how you can benefit from this opportunity (and even get your own Out Of Context Apparel discount code!).

Who should become a brand ambassador?

You should become a brand ambassador for OOC Apparel if you:

1. Are passionate about exegesis (studying the Bible in it's proper context), and want help others grow in their understanding of the Bible.

2. Enjoy biblical humor, and want to share your faith and love for the Bible through simple, biblical apparel with a touch of humor. It's a great conversation starter!

3. Want to have an impact on those around you by sharing your faith. 

4. Already have an impact on those around you (pastors, bible teachers, Christian influencers, etc.)


Why should I become a brand ambassador?

1. Get a discount on all our products. As a brand ambassador you can get quality biblical apparel at a cheaper price, to help you get the conversation started.

2. Get paid a commission when you refer someone to buy from Out Of Context Apparel. As a brand rep you will get your own personal Out Of Context Apparel discount code and link. When you rep our products on your social media or through your friends and family and someone makes a purchase, you will get a cut of the profits.

3. Get early access to product drops, out of context apparel discount codes and more. Our brand ambassadors are the first to hear our updates and everything there is to know about our brand.


If you're excited about wearing Biblical apparel and you'd like to become a brand ambassador, click here to apply. Your social following will not impact your chances!